Jemma Kruger

Owner and chef at Quintessence

Jemma Kruger is a trained chef, and heads up the team. Trained at Silwood School of Cookery in Cape Town she has since moved into more dynamic fields of the industry.

Jemma Moon Kruger

As a child and growing up,
her family moved around South Africa,

often living in remote and wild places with their small pack of dogs and cats.
Her mother always grew vegetables where possible and her father, the zoologist, instilled in her a deep respect for all things living. She got to engage with wildlife on a very intimate level and learnt the value of growing one's own food. She has also travelled a little in Africa and Europe, and takes great pleasure in eating delicacies from these places and learning different cooking techniques and styles. Her cooking style has stemmed from this unusual upbringing.

After studying she worked in a few restaurants around Cape Town before realising her passion for catering and a more fluid menu. She then moved into film set catering and working in, and eventually running outdoor, remote, and event kitchens. She has done work all over the country, designing menus, cooking food and running kitchens for everything from Wildlife Film crews to large scale Eco and Music events such as Afrikaburn and Greenpop. All the while living her passion for baking by running Quintessence Foods as a baked goods business that provides cakes and goodies that cater to gluten intolerance, veganism and diabetes.

Quintesence Foods

Remote catering for events and functions. Custom cakes for your dietary requirements.

She gives great attention to detail

and flavour above all things.
Her cooking style is one that focuses on deliciously balanced flavours, bright colours and an array of textures and tastes.

Her personal love of different flavours and cooking styles makes her repertoire incredibly versatile. The energy and love that she puts into her food is palpable in everything she does.

Jemma’s ultimate happy place

is in the kitchen preparing food for people.

Sadé Roux

Chef at Quintessence

Sadé Roux

Sadé Roux and Jemma met while both working in the kitchen that catered for the extensive team that sets up Afrikaburn.

They instantly recognized their shared passion for good food and loving service, as well as shared life experiences.
Sade’ has also travelled widely in her life, spending periods of time in China and Spain to name a few. She is a sponge for knowledge and along the way picked up many incredible skills and tastes. Sade’ has worked in a huge variety of Service industry related positions, everything from waitressing, bartending and managing in restaurants and Cafes to taking on the huge role of running the kitchen for Afrikaburn.

She has a real flair for all things relating to the smooth running and operation of kitchen spaces and her energy and commitment to the space is boundless.

For a small Town Afrikaans girl growing up in the Garden Route our biggest traditions were her family Sunday Lunches, a day they planned to feast with our loved ones. A big table would be set up in a formal manner while Mom & Gran would cook their speciality dish along with a banging desert; This is home to her, the place it all started.

When someone asks me how she got involved with hospitality her opening line would be; “I did not choose the service industry, It chose me”. She finished College in 2007 where she studied Business Studies however little did she know administration was not going to be the career path she would invest in. Her first job was being a Runner in a Cuben Cigar lounge from there she has been working through all the departments in the service industry, from small coffee shops, conference centres, weddings and private functions, not focussed on a certain tasks she would assist back and front of house, prepping, planning, making of food and serving up to large numbers.

While motivated to climb the service ladder she explored she capabilities, venturing into conferencing where she planned the setup, prepared, cooked and served the meals all whilst gaining knowledge to coordinate a full Kitchen production catering up to 400 people.

Now it has become a first love of hers being involved in the infrastructure of a Kitchen, creating a space for a fully functional production of greatness.

There is something special about creating a space & cooking wholesome meals for any occasion to relax and enjoy the present moment.

Being able to orchestrate this experience brings her great joy, and attention to detail includes each individual's needs. You can expect her to go full lengths in order to deliver only the best.